Removing a stump by hand

So you want to remove a stump by hand eh? Well if your up for the challenge, we would like to provide you with a few tips to help you along. Please note before you start that if you have any health concerns, or medical issues, this will be very labour intensive. If severe medical problem occur please contact 911 right away. If it all seems like to much, well you know we are here to help.

Step 1. Identify stump to be removed, and dig up the earth around the stump, exposing the roots and the sides of the stump. This is best achieved by using a pick axe and a round mouth shovel.
stepping on a shovel

Step 2. Using an axe, chainsaw, hand saw, reciprocating saw, or any other method you have at your disposal, cut the roots which start at the stump and move in multiple directions. You must cut all roots to have a chance to remove this yourself.
a Stihl Chainsaw

Step 3. Assuming you don’t have a tap root (a root extending from the bottom centre of the stump straight down) you can attempt to pry the stump out using a pry bar with a high fulcrum for the most amount of leverage.
Showing how far down a tap root goes into the ground

Step 4. If a tap root exists, or you just can’t get the stump out, try to make further cuts to the stump, focusing as much under it as possible. This can be difficult as your often working in the dirt at this point, which can damage your chainsaw or other power tools your using.
Showing the effect running a chainsaw into the dirt to remove a tree stump can have

Step 5. Once you feel you’ve cut as much as possible, wrap the stump securely with a chain, and then attach the chain to a tractor or vehicle with pulling power. Attempt a slow pull, being aware that a chain can break and cause damage to person and property.
A tractor pulling out a stump with use of a chain

Step 6. If you do not have a motorized means of pulling, you can try to gain a pull advantage by using a come-a-long tool. This is a ratcheting tool with one end hooked up to the tree stump, and the other end secured to a stationary anchor of some type. The tool is ratcheted and force is increased until you hopefully pull the stump out of the ground.
a come along used to apply increased force and remove a stump

Or, you call CJ’s Tree Removal for a free quote, and let us do the dirty work.

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